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My calculus teacher in high school was married to a meteorologist for Channel 5 News.  The days before unit exams, we all collectively begged Mrs. Calculus-Teacher to use her wifely leverage to put in a request for some snow flurries.  Nothing shuts down southern cities like the threat of a few damp flakes descending to […]

A few weeks ago, I ran into an ad announcing a hot air balloon festival hosted by a local college.  Funnel cakes, dog shows, craft vendors, and lots of giant, vibrant balloons from all over the Southeastern United States?  Definitely a winner.  So I gathered a few recruits, and went. The afternoon brought tethered balloon […]

As I began to reflect on past adventures this week (one of my strategies for warding off wanderlust), a peculiar pattern kept peeking its fuzzy little head out at me: with each successive adventure, I have simultaneously discarded and embraced pieces of my hometown.  Its a Darwinian process, clutching the functional and scrapping the rest.  […]

What can you do when Giant Purple African Fire Ants (which you turn out to be wildly allergic to) have taken up residence in your britches and a once-comfortable tinge of the travel bug has turned into a Class IX Code Mayday infestation?  Well, a chronic sufferer of ANP (Ants ‘N Pants) Syndrome myself, I […]

Yep.  This is it, guys.  I have graduated from tire swings, rolling down hills in cardboard boxes, and wrestling little kids at the park for a spot on the old rusty merry-go-round that was removed anyway by cranky community members who later deemed it a “safety hazard”…  Thanks to the Kiwis (henceforth to be known […]