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Two winters ago, I spent a shivery night sleeping in the Los Angeles International Airport on my way to Honolulu to visit a dear friend.  When I became too cold or uncomfortable to sleep, I sipped on tea, kept my eye on a friendly Swede’s surfboard while he roamed the silent airport looking for vending […]

I do not like to sit still.  I do not like to stare at walls.  I do not like having nothing to do. Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about action: getting up and actually doing something, warding off wanderlust, going zorbing, skydiving, or just experiencing something new in the USA…  Today, though, I am […]

After my last fervent entreaty to the Web 2.0 abyss (imploring the masses to stop just staring out the window and do something exciting), I began thinking about some of my favorite American experiences, the planned and unplanned.  Here is my list of 5 necessary exploits for anyone traveling through the USA (oddballs that probably […]

The world was not meant to be viewed from behind a pane of glass.  But, we timid little creatures called people like to go around constructing cages to keep the world at bay.  We deadbolt our apartments, lock ourselves into automobiles, and drive to cinder-block classrooms or faded grey cubicles.  We have all these boxes […]

In an attempt to ward off wanderlust until my round-the-world trip begins, I have been going on mini-adventures.  Recently, I met up with an old friend in a brew-happy, eco-friendly, hippied-out town called Asheville, NC. After a night out filled with the usual (tattoos, piercings, live music… oh, and hummus), we decided against an early […]