Stop Staring Out the Window and Go Live a Little


The world was not meant to be viewed from behind a pane of glass.  But, we timid little creatures called people like to go around constructing cages to keep the world at bay.  We deadbolt our apartments, lock ourselves into automobiles, and drive to cinder-block classrooms or faded grey cubicles.  We have all these boxes where we hide to feel safe and productive.  Someday, if we work hard enough, we will have a window in our office so all the poor window-less passersby can stare in and be jealous.  Then, we could afford a house with tall, elegant windows overlooking the slightly less impressive awnings next door.

Over and over again, we build ourselves an elaborate picture frame and stay behind the glass.  We like to point and look and smile but remain unscathed, like if we somehow manage to keep the world out we will remain intact.  Who are we then?  Peter Pan or just his shadow?  We sit and stare out the window, admiring the elusive future tense, not hearing the seconds tick by until we are so discouraged we just want to fling open the damn window and jump out to see if the afterlife has anything more exciting in store for us.

There are a million excuses to skip out on living.  Most of which are not valid.  Many of which, I have used myself.

These are NOT valid excuses for skipping out on life:

  • you are broke
  • you are tired, sick, sleepy, your toe hurts, etc.
  • it is too cold, hot, rainy, etc.
  • no one will go with you
  • you don’t have time for adventures
  • you have prior obligations

Stop blaming circumstance and just do something for god’s sake.  Life doesn’t charge admission (although museums may); and Tylenol is around for a reason.  If you keep waiting for the right weather or the right company or the right moment you will never end up doing what you want.

These are valid reasons:

  • you are in massive debt (okay, get a job, pay your bills, you screwed yourself over, now you get to suck it up and fix it)
  • you are [really, truly, life-threateningly] hungry (please go get some food, hunger trumps all)
  • you, a close friend or relative are bleeding profusely from the neck or have spontaneously combusted (although in the latter case you can still stop, drop, and roll in the snow)

I slip sometimes, and find myself thinking when I get this degree behind me, then I can start my life.  I said that in high school, too–once I finally graduate, then I can start living.  But, I realized early on (though its never soon enough…and I still forget sometimes) that this is it!  This is my life.  And my big adventure does not need to start with a plane ticket.  It has started.  It started twenty years ago.  This is my manifesto, my call to action, my hardly-clandestine attempt to convince everyone–myself included–to do something fun, something new, and something scary every single day.

Get off the bus, out of the car, away from the office, outside the apartment.  Get up, go forth, and join the ranks of the living.

Get off your ass and play before the flurries melt

In other words, get off your friggin’ arse and come play in the snow with me!

You don’t; it melts; and, then you can’t.

What holds you back?

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2 Responses to “Stop Staring Out the Window and Go Live a Little”

  1. 1 sexyface

    hahahahahhahaha. you said arse. you little Irish native American you.

    but no worries. i got more out of it then that.
    AND you are very good at living in the present. dont slip as much as you think. 🙂
    miss you stu-face!!

    • haha, well, thank you sexyface. i appreciate the comment. and another hawaiian adventure is definitely overdue!

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