Tea, Muffins, and Resolutions

Two winters ago, I spent a shivery night sleeping in the Los Angeles International Airport on my way to Honolulu to visit a dear friend.  When I became too cold or uncomfortable to sleep, I sipped on tea, kept my eye on a friendly Swede’s surfboard while he roamed the silent airport looking for vending machines, and had plenty of time to think about the holidays, the new year ahead, and more importantly the prospect of a lazy week laying under palm trees.

Starbucks, Los Angeles International Airport, California

Last winter, I rang in the new year with thousands of others in New York City.  We froze, we cheered, we waited.  We cherished what little warmth could be contained by the throngs, packed together, all bundled up behind the barricades.
Tonight, I am on my way to Chicago for musicals, art museums, cozy cafes promising books and coffee, and, of course, the famed bean in Millennium park.  I’m ready for another urban, snowy beginning, the beginning  of a new decade.
My New Year’s Eves always involve four things: travel, my friend Hollis, 5 extra unwelcome pounds, and a dutifully compiled list of resolutions.
  1. Lose 5 pounds.  My home is cruel to me.  Between my grandmother baking banana bread, butterscotch cookies, and Nana rolls at every dull moment and my dad grilling ribs and steaks (not to mention my mom buying tins of peppermint bark), retaining a svelte figure over the Christmas holiday would be a magnanimous feat of will power.
  2. Post to Travel Noodle every week.  I have utterly failed my blogging project for the last few weeks.  Once the word “vacation” arrests my mind, it seems to bring armloads of restless energy and to cut my attention span in half.  No more!  Having to write helps me want to write.  Travel Noodle is my personal reminder to keep having adventures.
  3. Do nice things for people for no reason.  The world could always use a few more hugs, smiles, compliments, Jell-O, snail mail, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and favors.  I want to take it upon myself in 2010 to remind people why I like them in random little ways.
  4. Take at least one ridiculous, crazy, awesome, thrilling trip abroad. It is high time I skipped the grid again and did something exciting…like learning Arabic, or riding another bull, or base jumping, or rehabilitating domestic baby lions before their release back into the wild of Africa.
2010 is the beginning of a fresh decade, the decade of my twenties.  And, you know what they say about your twenties…
Watch out!  I’m ready to break free.

2 Responses to “Tea, Muffins, and Resolutions”

  1. Once you set a writing goal and some deadlines it gets a lot easier. It’s hard to write and travel!

    • I am quickly finding that out! 🙂 Yes, the goals and deadlines are now entering the mix.
      Thanks for the comment, and Happy New Year!

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