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Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is home to Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, a hundred tacky tourist traps, one shoddy hill for skiing, and, most importantly, the best aquarium in America––Ripley’s Aquarium. Though located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in a land-locked state, the aquarium claims to have more fish (10,000 or so) than Gatlinburg has residents (almost […]

Although grumbling can be such fun, I decided to follow my 10 snowboarding grievances with a slightly longer list (so optimistic, I know) extolling the virtues of the sport.  So without further ado, 11 glorious things about snowboarding: Stunning sights: See picture above.  Need I go on?  A few treetops alone are marvelous–just a few […]

Whenever I get to go snowboarding, I vow to ride the first lift and survive off of granola bars stuffed in my pockets until the last lift closes for the day.  By the last day, sure, I play the die-hard soaking up every gnarly second of woman vs. mogul.  Not today.  Never the first day.  […]

I spent a week in Chicago.  A very chilly week.  Now, upon returning, I realize how very silly it was to forget my laptop computer.  Oh, I vowed to pack lightly (unlike last year’s unnecessary load for a New Year’s Eve trip to NYC).  I stuffed one little carry-on suitcase with thermals, leggings, and flannels […]