A Dark Room with a Tie Dyed Lamp: a personal confession of sorts


A few weeks ago, I net-surfed a twisted wake through dozens of travel, social marketing, and digital nomad blogs until beaching on a fellow Nashvillian’s perfectly delightful creation, Life Without Pants.  After reading a particularly gratifying article (What Megan Fox Can Teach Us About Writing Compelling Blog Content), I recognized just how inadequate my own blogging venture has been thus far.

So, did I rise to the challenge?  Did I pick up the metaphorical pickax and strike out again, equipped with a few new nuggets of wisdom on my hunt for gold?

Nope.  I disappeared for a bit.  I went to class; I went to lacrosse practice.  I sulked in a dark room with a tie dyed lamp.

Where am I now?  Well, I suppose I should tell you.  Utilizing social media, engaging an online community, and interacting with the mystical language of CSS are all new challenges for me.  I will tackle each one in due course; but, first I must address an old challenge.  The challenge is transparency.  I’ve never been a big fan of self-disclosure (why start a blog, then, right?); and, now, I have the opportunity to change–to be open, authentic, and, hopefully, somewhat compelling.  So, here I am.

Right now, I am stuck in that dark room with the tie dyed lamp.

Okay, I lied (remember, this is new for me).  I’m not stuck.  I only feel stuck.  For the last two weeks, I have rejected my own manifesto, and ignored my own call to action.  I have forgotten what it is I set off to do; so, I have started to do nothing (beyond the ordinary, that is).  I have reverted to waiting.

I am waiting for the summer elixir to stir up an adventure in me. I am waiting to graduate in December before setting off and being free.  I am waiting for life to fall in line like neatly packaged dreams bought from a store.

Problem: I don’t like things to be neatly packaged or in straight lines.  Just take my room below as evidence.

I like a bit of clutter and crooked lamps.  I prefer beds unmade, drawers left open, and books in stacks.  I stick post-its on my walls; I draw on mirrors; I turn speakers into nightstands.  I am hopelessly drawn to the unconventional, hence the constant war it is to be conventional (aka stay in school).

Life should be wonky, loud, and full of whimsy.

And, that can (and should) happen anywhere.  Though, I do wish my living room had better light…


One Response to “A Dark Room with a Tie Dyed Lamp: a personal confession of sorts”

  1. 1 Karen

    Embracing the truth of ‘not waiting for life’ is so very wise. This subtle temptation steals from us at every stage of life, only if we let it. Thank you for reminding me!

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