Warning: travel noodle’s future is about to get sporadic and unfamiliar


Okay.  Here is the deal:

I am slogging through the first batch of exams/projects/presentations of this semester of good ‘ole college.  Weekends are spent traveling to lacrosse games (only to be rained, sleeted, and/or snowed on and have to drive back all numb and grumpy…).  Now, traveling with a sports team brings me gobs and gobs of joy; but, it is hardly conducive to lugging a laptop around, writing, or seeing anything besides a shabby hotel room and 110 yards of turf.

Besides that, there is the unfortunate fact that my To-Do list keeps pulling Alice-in-wonderlands–rapidly inflating until my most creative moments are pushed later and later until they come stock me during the few twilight hours I manage to keep my eyes closed.  For everything I cross off of the list, I add on four more.  “Welcome to the world, Sara,” you may be thinking.  And, you’d be right.

It’s really about time management.  And, I am pulling an epic fail in that category these days.  For instance, right now I should be studying for the exam I have tomorrow.  Am I?  No.  I look in my day planner bewildered by what looks like a never-ending set of stairs.  I’d probably be at the top with a great view by now if I hadn’t lallygagged my study hours away on the platform of irrelevant ideas.

I have so many ideas.  Some great ones, I think.  Ideas that shall eventually join the mayhem of Web 2.0 (if you can bear with me until then).

By mid-March, things might begin to look a bit different around here.  Okay, very different.  I rushed into this project the first time, without a clear purpose, long-term vision, or understanding of my potential audience.  So, over the next month I will be introducing a new angle, something more suited to the message I have to offer.

Stay tuned for updates as these persnickety little ideas of mine start to get dressed and go to work.



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