A Lil Bit About Me:

I am Sara Grove–an unapologetic coffee fiend and thrill seeker who likes nothing better than a good argument or a proper hug.

See, this is what happened: One summer, I found myself  eating a roll of sushi (a rainbow roll to be exact) in Central America.  Well, now, I was getting all of my cultures mixed up!  Ordering sushi in Spanish?  Unexpected…  but oh so delicious.  In such a mixed up world, why not give it another shake?  Why not jiggle and jumble the whole mess until it starts to make sense or at least coughs up some adrenaline to sate the lust?  I have set out to do just that–”stir it up” Bob Marley style.  I want to peruse every nook and cranny of the planet, finding fun, adventure, and maybe even a bit o’ wisdom along the way.

Until I see buttered toast dancing to African drum beats, and a polka-dotted Elephant playing a xylophone in an igloo–I am not finished.  I am a single gal on a grand adventure.

The Gist of Travel Noodle:

Travel Noodle exists to promote fearless travel, especially for single gals.  Start with day trips around your home city, branch out to weekend jaunts, have a garage sale, and soon you are on your way to becoming a practiced nomad.  The Noodle gives me a chance to share tips and tidbits from my journey, to help inspire or prepare you for yours.  We live in a planet full of moxie–time to explore it!

What others have said about Travel Noodle:

“I’m loving your blog… It’s magnificently frustrated, quirky, and yet deliciously freeing.” Jamie Epstein

What do you think about Travel Noodle?  Please comment below or visit the Contact page to share your thoughts!


One Response to “About”

  1. This is one of the best things I’ve come across later …

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