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Today, I sat in the sun.  I just sat.  I closed my eyes, zipped my coat, tugged my scarf snugly about my neck and sat on a rock. The mercury did not rise above 42ºF today in Tennessee.  The wind continued to sneak in and steal away the warmth and optimism in my jacket pocket […]

A few weeks ago, I net-surfed a twisted wake through dozens of travel, social marketing, and digital nomad blogs until beaching on a fellow Nashvillian’s perfectly delightful creation, Life Without Pants.  After reading a particularly gratifying article (What Megan Fox Can Teach Us About Writing Compelling Blog Content), I recognized just how inadequate my own […]

Two winters ago, I spent a shivery night sleeping in the Los Angeles International Airport on my way to Honolulu to visit a dear friend.  When I became too cold or uncomfortable to sleep, I sipped on tea, kept my eye on a friendly Swede’s surfboard while he roamed the silent airport looking for vending […]

I do not like to sit still.  I do not like to stare at walls.  I do not like having nothing to do. Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about action: getting up and actually doing something, warding off wanderlust, going zorbing, skydiving, or just experiencing something new in the USA…  Today, though, I am […]

My calculus teacher in high school was married to a meteorologist for Channel 5 News.  The days before unit exams, we all collectively begged Mrs. Calculus-Teacher to use her wifely leverage to put in a request for some snow flurries.  Nothing shuts down southern cities like the threat of a few damp flakes descending to […]