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Although grumbling can be such fun, I decided to follow my 10 snowboarding grievances with a slightly longer list (so optimistic, I know) extolling the virtues of the sport.  So without further ado, 11 glorious things about snowboarding: Stunning sights: See picture above.  Need I go on?  A few treetops alone are marvelous–just a few […]

In an attempt to ward off wanderlust until my round-the-world trip begins, I have been going on mini-adventures.  Recently, I met up with an old friend in a brew-happy, eco-friendly, hippied-out town called Asheville, NC. After a night out filled with the usual (tattoos, piercings, live music… oh, and hummus), we decided against an early […]

Whenever I become sick with the virus Uninterrupted-Routine, I have to do something dramatic to get my blood pumping again.  Faced with the prospect of a flightless summer, I decided a plane ride was necessary, even if I could not actually travel very far.  I convinced my hesitant mid-50s momma to suit up and [unofficially] […]

Yep.  This is it, guys.  I have graduated from tire swings, rolling down hills in cardboard boxes, and wrestling little kids at the park for a spot on the old rusty merry-go-round that was removed anyway by cranky community members who later deemed it a “safety hazard”…  Thanks to the Kiwis (henceforth to be known […]